Open Floor

In 2014 I joined forces with 14 other colleagues, all highly seasoned embodiment teachers, to create Open Floor International. It’s been an intensely collaborative journey that has brought me to a place in my life where I have never felt more creative and empowered - and that’s after nearly 30 years of offering what I do in the world. What is most rewarding for me is the degree of emotional intelligence in everyone I work with in our volunteer organisation and a commitment to shared values.  To find out more, continue on...

What is Open Floor Movement Practice? Open Floor is an embodied movement practice bringing self awareness, mindfulness, and purpose to life.

How? We use the universal language of movement as a means of self-discovery and relationship building. The way we move on the dance floor is a mirror of how we move through life.

Open Floor curriculum includes:

Weaving 4 Dimensions of Embodiment (Physical, Emotional, Mind and Soul) with 4 Relational Hungers (Solitude, Connection, Belonging and Spirit) to create a 4x4 scaffolding, designed to support us in moving between habit and creative possibility, from fixed to fluid and back again, in all these areas.

Find out more about the Fundamentals of Open Floor here:


“In Open Floor we consider the work a practice because it’s something we can actually do over and over and develop new neural pathways. The more we practice on the dancefloor the more skillful we are off the dancefloor”

Andrea Juhan, Founder

Common Ground

The dance floor is our common ground, where self expression, connection to others and connection to the spirit that animates us all is welcome. Regular practice grows our vocabulary for living and loving, both on and off the dance floor. The Open Floor curriculum is Open Source and registered with the Creative Commons.

Common Sense

Dancing makes common sense because it’s good for us. We are devoted to making embodied, conscious movement accessible. Open Floor is committed to working with populations who would otherwise never have access to dance.

Common Good

When we dance, we unite for the common good. On the Open Floor everybody matters. Every BODY, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, size and ability has the right to dance in a welcoming space. We have chosen as an organisation to adopt a decision making process called Sociocracy. While there are leaders, the power is held by the group rather than any one individual.