Transformational dance
& movement with
Deborah Jay-Lewin


Dance for Transformation

Join Deborah Jay-Lewin in Findhorn and across the globe to experience the transformational nature of dance and movement.  


Your personalised retreat with me this autumn

‘Just Me’ retreats offer in-depth private sessions in a stunning location to reveal the essential you. Using the transformational nature of dance and movement, one-to-one sessions offer an ‘in the moment’ experience. This changes your state of being and frees your energy, whilst giving you skills to sustain these shifts in your daily life.

Next available date: December 9 - 13 2019



Immersive, weeklong and weekend workshops around the world.


‘Just Me’ Retreats

Personal, in-depth retreats in the beautiful North of Scotland.


One-to-One Sessions

Private and bespoke sessions, in person or online.



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Restoring health
and wisdom through embodied movement

In her recent TEDx talk Deborah looks at the intimate interaction between personal health and the state of the world.

She reveals how the experience of embodied movement, presence and conscious emotional intelligence ignites an increased individual sense of health that supports a shift towards a healthy planet.

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Deborah Jay-Lewin

Deborah Jay-Lewin is an energy worker disguised as a dance teacher. She is a senior practitioner in her field having trained with Gabrielle Roth in 1994 and co-founded Open Floor International in 2014.

Her knowledge of and respect for the wisdom of the body is incisive and contagious. Deborah is devoted to utilising embodied movement to harness creativity for the benefit of all beings and the Earth.

Movement is my mainstay,
it’s what I trust.
— Deborah Jay-Lewin

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