“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Private Sessions

Bespoke one-to-ones in person or online

Using the transformational nature of dance and movement, one-to-one sessions offer an ‘in the moment’ experience. This changes your state of being and frees your energy, whilst providing the tools to sustain these shifts in your daily life.

Sitting quietly together, we will begin by exploring your reasons for coming and current concerns. Whether you are feeling isolated, confused, distrusting, stressed, or unfocused; a one-to-one session is a powerful way to journey from the ego to the soul, increasing your connection, energy, confidence, sense of purpose, balance and contentment.

Over 75 minutes we will become aware of, move with and invite in your creativity, imagination and healing, creating a bespoke session that centers around you as the active seeker.

Self consciousness may surface and is welcomed and accepted as an understandable response to the situation.

One-to-one sessions can be done in person at Findhorn (and other locations), or via Skype or Zoom. If you feel a one-to-one session might be right for you, or you would like further information, please contact a member of the Vital Moves team on admin@vitalmoves.co.uk

A few excerpts from an individual session with Deborah, in the Findhorn summertime. With thanks to Rebecca for the footage


“I work intensively with you, using your body as the medium to access information that will catalyse change in your life, in a very creative and intuitive way.”

Deborah Jay-Lewin

Individual sessions are the gourmet experience of working with Deborah; a rich, intense, nurturing process that deepens awareness and extends our dancing self.
— Paula Nichols
Deborah seems to hold a space that as of yet I cannot find on my own, her observations and suggestions initiate unexpected unfoldments.
— Andrew Davies
And so, the parts that were suspicious, protective, unconvinced, had plenty of opportunity to express themselves. And this patient and embracing approach allowed something to come forth in our final 1:1 session that had previously been unable to find expression. I no longer felt partitioned but fully integrated as this occurred.
— Maggie Wallis
My time with Deborah in one-on-one movement process restored my creative intelligence and regenerated my body from the level of Soul. I am grateful for her fine attunement. Deborah can identify what is neglected and track it back home into integration for life congruence. The result is wholeness and gratitude.
— Stephanie Mines, PhD
While working with Deborah is similar to coaching in terms of the way we talk, the movement aspect is different - trusting the intelligence of the body and emotions. This is unique compared to what millions of other coaches out there are offering in the field of human development.
— Christopher Batchelder, Dubai